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We want the world to discover the uniqueness of Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay and its benefits. We’ve worked tirelessly with scientific labs and research institutions to discover that the all-natural Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay is loaded with over 60 unique minerals and rare elements, with its natural powerful osmotic and ionic properties to help detoxify, rehydrate, replenish your skin’s lost nutrients, pore refine, leaving you with a silky smooth and radiant complexion.


Combining elements derived from Canada’s coastal ecosystems, we make products that enhance everyday lives the natural way. We believe living in harmony with nature leads to a sense of wellbeing that is 100% Canadian and are passionate about sharing it with the world. We are a force of nature in the beauty industry and beyond.


After years of research, development, refinement and tons of coffee, we’ve finally perfected a line of vitamin rich natural blend to maximize the power and efficiency of Canada’s very own glacial oceanic clay, to be able to give you that all-natural look without the all-tiring work.


Bl’eau products are powered by a blend of Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay and Glacial Mineral Water, combining with the finest organic extracts and first-class ingredients to produce high quality products that people can trust without having to pay premium price.