Glacial Oceanic Clay and Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water infused skincare products

Canada’s Hidden Treasure Is This Fall’s Next Big Beauty Trend

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Canadian glacial oceanic clay provides a natural and restorative solution for post-summer skincare.

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 8, 2020 /CNW/ - The beginning of a new season is here, and with it comes the hunt for a natural solution to rejuvenate the skin after months spent in the sun. Gaining in popularity due to its effectiveness in rehydrating skin while drawing out impurities is the Canadian hidden treasure - Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay. Native to the Canadian shores in British Columbia, this raw Glacial Oceanic Clay is unique to West Coast glaciers and is continuously enriched by the ocean’s cyclical flow, leaving it silky smooth and cream-like in texture while enriched with more than 60 minerals. This clay contains rare healing elements that help deeply cleanse, restore and rehydrate damaged skin, making it the perfect addition to any Fall skincare routine.

Glacial Oceanic Clay and Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water infused skincare products

This unique clay is featured in Canadian brand Bl’eau’s Glacial Oceanic Clay Masks which are infused with other natural ingredients including algae, seaweed, organic coconut oil, aloe vera and spirulina to exfoliate and soothe the skin gently. Bl’eau’s hero product, the Organics Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask, is NSF certified organic and has a “non-drying” formula that makes this clay mask more gentle on sensitive skin while effectively sealing in moisture. Through innovative technology, Bl’eau has extracted elements from their Glacial Oceanic Clay, including Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water. Formulated as the base in their Hydrate Collection, this rare ingredient is rich in nourishing sea minerals, as well as vitamins A, E and F to soothe the skin while promoting healthy cell renewal, providing customers with a spa-like experience at home.

Bl’eau is committed to providing the purest and most rejuvenating skincare blends. Through the magic of Canadian Oceanic Glacial Clay and other natural ingredients sourced sustainably from the Earth, our products have proven to restore damaged skin, making them a seamless addition to our customer’s post-summer skincare regimen.

Bl’eau’s collection includes a variety of products, all containing Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay, to help customer’s settle into a fresh skincare routine this Fall. All products are available for purchase in Canada and the United States through their website,, including Glacial Oceanic Clay Masks, Glacial Mineral Toner, Hydrating Glacial Moisturizing Cream and Hydrating Glacial Moisturizing Emulsion.

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