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3 products

Our efficacy

96% of users said the clay mask helpsto Reduce sebum and naturallyremove dead skin cells.

86% of users believed that their skinweretightenedand the pores wereminimized.

98% of users reported that their skin was brighter and more vibrant after using the Glacial Oceanic Clay masks for 2 weeks​

Our ingredients

Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay (Sea silt):​

Sourced from ancient glaciers off the coast of British Columbia, washed by ocean in the past 2m years, boasting more than 60 minerals, micronutrients and rare elements, rehydrates for smooth and supple skin, detoxifies for a brighter complexion.​


Rich in nutrients, vitamins and both fatty and amino acids to help decrease inflammation and reveal youthful skin.

European Brown Algae​:

High in Polyphenols, Mineral salts, vitamins and Amino acids lock in long-lasting hydration for more supple, nourished skin.​

Super fruit South American Acai Berry​:

High concentration of antioxidants such as anthocyanins and Vitamin C, Açaí Extract is proven to reduce the signs of aging and anti-pollution action.

Real results

  • @zoeyarielle


    Ways in which I do this each day:⁣
    ⁣I go to the gym
    I make myself a smoothie
    I put on a face mask
    I dance

  • @kaithargreaves


    I’d be lying if I said it took a lot of convincing to get him to do a clay mask with me. My personal fave is the illuminating mask because if you know I’m oily AF!

  • @jasmine.lorimer


    I genuinely noticed a difference in my skin’s texture and moisture level after the first application, and what’s even more beautiful is that a product of this quality can come without the premium price tag.



Nice product! I’ve used it a few times so far!

Drake Good Verified buyer

Great clay mask ever!

I love this clay mask very much! It makes my skin feels so soft and smooth! Would definitely recommend for personal use or gifting.

 Lola Verified buyer

A must buy!

Love the way this masks makes my face feel! It's a great product for my very sensitive skin! Had a sample of the eyecream. Hopefully it will become a regular size product soon

Louanne Verified buyer

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