Everyone’s Buzzing About Bl’eau!

Everyone’s Buzzing About Bl’eau!

Bl’eau is the talk of the town, with media across North America buzzing about the Vancouver-based beauty brand’s powerhouse skincare lineup – all infused with the rarest clay in the world, Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay. In 2020 alone, Bl’eau was lauded in 69 media stories across Canada and the US, with coverage about the brand’s naturally effective products earning 22 million impressions.

From Vancouver Sun to Yahoo! Finance, media are chattering about Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay, with Bl’eau one of few brands using the magical ingredient. The reason? Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay is found only in British Columbia, forged from million-year-old glaciers in the Pacific Ocean. Consistently enriched by the ocean’s cyclical flow, the silky clay boasts more than 60 skin-saving minerals and healing elements that help to cleanse, restore and rehydrate the skin.

Bl’eau’s holy grail Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask is infused with natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera and magnolia bark extract, amplifying the clay’s standalone effects. Supporting current trends toward sustainability and purely natural skincare, Bl’eau’s masks are free of toxins and parabens, and never tested on animals. Plus, the company takes pains to ensure the clay is sustainably harvested, ensuring the surrounding nature and wildlife remain untouched.

Media praise of Bl’eau’s products are largely centred on the brand’s skillful use of superstar ingredients like antioxidant-rich acai extract and seaweed extract (Illuminating Seaweed Clay Mask); anti-inflammatory spirulina (Nourishing Spirulina Clay Mask); and vitamin-infused algae extract (Revitalizing Algae Clay Mask). To complement the coveted masks, Bl’eau extracts the pristine liquid found within their unique clay – Canadian Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water – to craft a hydrating toner, moisturizing cream and moisturizing emulsion, which lock in the benefits of the masks while deeply nourishing skin cells and protecting the skin barrier.

In January 2020, Bl’eau launched a media campaign highlighting the many benefits of Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay, including an astounding ability to protect against pollution, sun damage and anti-aging. In September 2020, the brand outlined the ingredient’s restorative qualities that are particularly perfect to ease the skin through seasonal transitions. Both campaigns were shared eagerly by local and international media, with the brand taking centre stage in publications across North America. Want to see why media and consumers everywhere love Bl’eau? Visit www.bleaubeauty.com to browse and buy.

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