How to restore your post-summer skin

How to restore your post-summer skin

Spending time outdoors is one of the great joys of summer. You’ve already applied (and reapplied) sunscreen, wore sun-protective clothing and sought shade when possible. However, the reality is that spending all day outdoors can trigger damage even if you don’t get a visible sunburn. Your skin may feel dry, red, warm to the touch, and have increased skin sensitivity. Besides, continuously applying sunscreen all summer long can lead to clogged pores.  

Now is the perfect time to pamper your skin so you can have a healthy, glowing and balanced complexion come fall. Help yourself erase the signs of summer by checking out this three-step essential post-summer skincare routine. 

  1. Choose the right face cleanser

After months of being in the pool, at the beach and in the sun, your skin is likely screaming out for a soothing and refreshing cleanser. You’ll want to focus on using products with ingredients that are natural to calm and soothe the skin. Bl’eau’s Hydrating Glacial Clay Cleanser of 100% pure and natural Glacial Oceanic Clay and Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water to cool your skin down and gently remove dirt and oil, 5 fruit extracts refresh the skin, and Vitamin B5 deeply moisturizes. The non-irritating cream-to-foam formula deeply cleanses pores and tightens, while replenishing hydration and balancing out the pH of your skin.  

  1. Treat your skin with a cooling clay mask

After a few months of heat and sweat and consistent application of sunscreen throughout the summer, there’s a good chance you might have clogged pores. You should treat your skin with a cooling clay mask that will gently exfoliate, unclog pores, hydrate and soothe your skin. Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask is our pick for the best after-sun clay mask to cool down crisped and sensitive skin. Packed with 100% pure and natural Glacial Oceanic Clay to deep cleanse and detoxify, it combines a bouquet of natural skin soothers like Organic Aloe Vera leaf Juice, Organic Coconut Oil and Magnolia Bark Extract. Silky smooth in texture, the mineral rich non-drying formula gently replenishes your skin's hydration levels. Glacial Oceanic Clay’s cooling effects and anti-inflammatory properties provide immediate relief to the skin. 

  1. Pick a soothing toner

Toners help reset your skin and balance your skin’s pH after a long summer season. After cleansing and clay masking, using a gentle and hydrating toner can help remove dead surface skin cells while adding much-needed post-summer moisture to your skin, leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. Packed with 100% pure and natural Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water, along with a blend of Red Maple Bark Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, Calendula Extract and sodium PCA (a naturally occurring hydrator), the lightweight Glacial Mineral Toner deeply hydrates, helps calm and refresh the skin, protecting skin from free radicals. 

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