Have Yourself a Happy New Year (and Great Skin) with All-Natural Complexion Boosters from Bl’eau

Have Yourself a Happy New Year (and Great Skin) with All-Natural Complexion Boosters from Bl’eau

The holidays are here, and that means endless days of shopping, baking, gift-wrapping, decorating and event hosting. As we count down to December 25 (and then again to January 1), the stress of the season can start to creep up and show itself in our bodies – especially our skin. With the new year looming, there’s no better time to double down on your daily skincare routine and ensure your complexion stays smooth, glowing and healthy as we sail into 2022. 

Exfoliation – your secret weapon against dry skin  

The abrupt transition from mild fall weather to brisk winds, freezing temperatures and snow can wreak havoc with our unsuspecting skin. You can battle dry skin by placing a humidifier in your bedroom – it increases the moisture level in the air, helping your skin barrier stay hydrated. It’s also important to regularly buff away dead skin cells. Once or twice a week, apply Bl’eau’s Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask, which is crafted with pure, sustainably harvested Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay. Sourced from ancient glaciers off the coast of British Columbia, the all-natural clay is packed with over 60 minerals, micronutrients, and rare elements. Much rarer than typical glacial clays, oceanic clay is a boon to beauty with the ability to simultaneously detoxify, rehydrate and replenish – all without unnecessary fillers or harmful chemicals. Reap the benefits by applying the mask once or twice per week – bonus points for soaking in a hot, salty tub as you wait for the nutrients to work their magic. The mask is hydrating and won’t harden on your skin, so you can remove gently and easily with a few splashes of water. 

Toners – formulated to enhance the efficiency of your skincare routine 

With the new year approaching, it’s a great time to switch up your skincare routine or add a step that you’ve skipped in the past. Take toners – you might view them as harsh and astringent, and that might have been the case in the ‘90s. But today’s toners are made with light, natural ingredients, and offer strong protection against dirt, sunscreen and other environmental stressors. Particularly if you have oily or acne-prone skin, a good toner can work wonders in whisking away excess oil, unclogging pores and restoring your skin’s pH balance. Try the lightweight and quick-absorbing Glacial Mineral Toner from Bl’eau, which is made from Canadian Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water – the pure and pristine liquid found inside Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay. Paired with red maple bark extract, a powerful pro-collagen and pro-elastin ingredient that controls skin sebum and banishes acne, and sugar maple extract, which helps to prevent blemishes and wrinkles, the toner is effective at protecting skin from free radicals, improving suppleness and deeply hydrating – a necessary step in your skincare routine throughout the harsh climes of winter and beyond. 

Hydrate – yes, it’s different from moisturizing 

Did you know hydrating and moisturizing are different processes? Moisturizing traps and locks in moisture to build up your skin’s protective barrier. Hydrating involves absorbing water from the air. In the winter, moisturizing is important to soothe dry skin and improve suppleness – however, hydrating is necessary year-round, to ensure your skin remains balanced. To hydrate, try Bl’eau’s Hydrating Glacial Moisturizing Cream, a luxurious blend of Canadian Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water, hyaluronic acid – a powerful humectant that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water – and vitamin E, whose anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and irritation. Alternatively, you can look for products with ingredients like aloe vera and honey. 

Eye cream – the overlooked warrior  

Have you been slacking on eye cream? If you’re suffering from fine lines, wrinkles or dark circles, you’re missing out on a significant element of your skincare routine. Eye creams are formulated specially for the eye area, and are designed to keep skin hydrated, plump and bright. Give your eyes some extra love by applying Bl’eau’s new Hydrating Glacial Moisturizing Eye Cream, which combines botanical extracts and Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water to soothe, cool and energize the skin around the eye area, reducing puffiness and lightening dark circles (ideal for hiding the effects of early mornings and late nights). For optimal benefits, apply eye cream around the eye orbital area before your facial moisturizer, to ensure it penetrates deeply into skin cells. 

Clear skin in a snap – the winter bundle  

As the new year approaches, you might be considering a complete overhaul to your skincare regimen. Simplify the process by treating yourself to one of Bl’eau’s seasonal winter bundles – a collection of goodies that will keep your skin silky and clear throughout the season and well into next spring. The Hydrate Supreme Bundle includes a full-sized Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask, Glacial Oceanic Toner, Hydrating Glacial Moisturizing Emulsion, and Glacial Moisturizing Eye Cream, as well as a set of indulgent beauty tools (jade roller, foam wash, mask applicator and tote bag) – all for just $129. 

To scoop up your winter skincare necessities, visit bleaubeauty.com. Happy new year! 

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