Say Bye-Bye to Undereye Bags with Five Skincare Tips from Bl’eau

Say Bye-Bye to Undereye Bags with Five Skincare Tips from Bl’eau

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to emerge from the shadow of winter and address an issue commonly experienced in the colder months – dark circles and bags under the eyes. Sadly, winter’s dearth of sunlight can lead to pale skin and amplified eye bags, made worse by our increased feelings of tiredness and lethargy. Add to this cruel mix a lack of vitamin D from the rarely seen sun, and you have the perfect recipe for puffy, tired eyes. 

Thankfully, with spring comes a welcome dose of sunshine, along with targeted skincare and healthy lifestyle tips to help you wave goodbye to your bags. Here are our top five tips to eliminate undereye circles and puffiness for good: 

Cut out the salt. Back away from the chip bag! Eating too much salt can lead to water retention, which causes the undereye bulge we love to hate. Instead, enhance your diet with collagen-rich, anti-inflammatory foods, particularly those with vitamin A (like sweet potatoes and carrots) and vitamin C (think pineapples and oranges). And, drink plenty of water to flush out the sodium. 

Check for allergies. Have you taken an allergy test recently? It doesn’t hurt to consult with your doctor, particularly since allergies are a major contributor to puffiness. You see, allergies can cause fluid to build up in your sinuses and around your eyes, leading to noticeable swelling. Antihistamines can help reduce eye bags caused by seasonal allergies, while artificial tear eyedrops will take care of redness. 

Use a targeted eye cream. If you typically skip eye cream, or use the same cream on your entire face, think again. Targeted eye creams contain ingredients specifically used to soothe, cool and energize the skin around the eye area, helping to eliminate puffiness and lighten dark circles. Try the Hydrating Glacial Moisturizing Eye Cream by Bl’eau, which is crafted with ultra-healing Canadian Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water. Extremely detoxifying and hydrating, the water is extracted from Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay, an all-natural ingredient sourced from glaciers in British Columbia that boasts an astonishing array of over 60 minerals, micronutrients and rare elements. The rare clay is paired with vitamin-rich coconut oil, shea and jojoba oil, as well as vitamin E and peptides, resulting in a silky blend that effectively plumps the undereye area while reducing the production of pigment.  

Don’t forget sunscreen. As the sun’s rays re-enter your life this spring, make sure you’re applying sunscreen to your entire face – including the delicate skin under your eyes. UVA and UVB rays can cause wrinkles and eye bags as the sun breaks down collagen and elastin. For added protection, wear sunglasses every time you go outside.  

Keep cool cucumbers on hand. For days when you don’t get enough sleep (hey, life happens!), make sure your fridge is stocked with cucumbers. The cucumber juice and cold temperature go hand-in-hand as an anti-inflammatory and hydrating balm that reduces swelling, soothes skin and stimulates antioxidant activity. Plus, vitamin C – found in abundance in cucumbers – is known to stimulate new cell growth. Pop a couple slices under your eyes and take a nap. 

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